Three Poems Forthcoming in For Women Who Roar

Three of my poems are forthcoming in For Women Who Roar's Me Too e-book.

"Dissociation" about what it feels like to dissociate during and after trauma
"Scallop" about fear of rape
"Poem from a poor voice transcription" about hating the person who sexually assaulted you

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Poetry in the City of Trees Anthology 2019

This is the second poetry anthology published by this talented group of writers from the Treasure Valley who are organized through the Meetup website for Poetry in the City of Trees. We chose TREES for this year’s topic since our roots are becoming stronger and wider. Many writers have signed in and many have joined our Read and Writes, Poetic Devices, Reading of Favorites, and Workshop formats that are held on Sunday afternoons, 2:00-4:00 in the Bitterbrush room of the Ustick Library on Cole and Ustick, Boise, Idaho.

We would like to dedicate this edition to one of our fellow poets who inspired all whom she met, Jean Bennett. A lovely lady, Jean was a published poet in California, winning many top prizes in their Monterey poetry contests. She passed away in 2018 from Alzheimer’s. But even as her memory slipped away, she kept her sense of humor as in the poem below:

Muscles twitch
to get a grip
on the upper lip
turning his frown
Upside down
Hot pink face
with purple shine
like old red wine
his vinegar grin,
champagne in plastic

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Poetry in the City of Trees Anthology 2018

Gynecological Care (Unlost Journal)

My poem "Gynecological Care" about navigating the health system as a woman is up at Unlost Journal!

"No scratching, no douche, no tampons, no sex, notice: if you are a true emergency"

Read the full poem here:

Game Night (The Cabin)

My poem "Game Night" about building up a marriage slowly over time is available in The Cabin's Writers in the Attic series, "Game" theme.

Available to pickup in person only. Check out Boise, ID and stop by The Cabin!

Euphemism(s) (The Fem)

My poem "Euphemism(s)" about the violent language of sex is available at The Fem Lit Mag!

"Tap it
Bump it
Hit that
Get some"

Read the full poem here:

Girls Night Out (Children, Churches & Daddies)

My poem "Girls Night Out" about surviving a bachelorette party for a Christian wedding as an ex-Christian is available for purchase now from cc&d (Children, Churches and Daddies).

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