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Tumble (Five2One Magazine)

My poem "Tumble" about children in a playground can be found at Five2One Magazine's #thesideshow.

"Black refugee in a hijab"

Read the full poem here:

Psychosomatic (Feminine Collective)

My poem "Psychosomatic" a form poem about the healthcare system's treatment of autoimmune conditions is up at Feminine Collective.

"First, describe the pain,
and be sure to mention you don’t want pain meds."

Read the full poem here:

Put a Bandaid On It (Feminine Collective)

My poem "Put a Bandaid On It" about the poor responses to autoimmune issues is available at Feminine Collective.

"I portion absences like war rations"

Read the full poem here:

Last Names (Drunk Monkeys)

My poem "Last Names" about shedding an unwanted last name is up at Drunk Monkeys.

"People don’t see my name
as an opportunity to reveal his true character.
Rather, they see it as an invitation to question mine."

Read the full poem here:

The Morning After (GirlSense & NonSense)

My poem "The Morning After", an acrostic about the new state of the country after the 2016 election is available at GirlSense & NonSense.

"Manipulation of the trinity:
President, Senate, and House."

Read the full poem here:

N.A.M.I. (GFT Press)

My poem "N.A.M.I." in honor of a lost friend was originally published by GFT Press. They have sadly closed their doors.

would call
sometimes, years
later, to see how things
were going and tell me you
weren’t so good yourself."

You can read the full poem reprinted here:

Fawn (Sick Lit Magazine)

My poem "Fawn" about early relationships is available at Sick Lit Magazine.

"You will remember this as the most obedient relationship,
most quiet, complacent, cooperative couple,
most easily categorized roles."
Read the full poem here: