About Ani

Picture of Ani standing on cement
painted with a solar clock.

Ani Keaten has been writing (good, bad, and ugly) poetry since her teens. She earned her BA of English (writing emphasis) in 2010 from a university you've probably never heard of and she'd rather not name.

There was a time when Ani's favorite poet was Edgar Allan Poe. There was also a time when Ani's poetry rhymed. Nowadays Ani's favorite poet is Mary Oliver, and she starts most poems as a stream of consciousness word vomit before refining them into something worth reading.

Ani has had the incredible good fortune to work with other poets in varying capacities, facilitating poetry groups, helping out with social media, offering moral support, and being a second pair of eyes. If you want to exchange edits with Ani, she can be found lurking around www.scribophile.com.

Ani's poetry tends to focus on day-to-day life, the underdog, equality and living your truth. Her poetry has appeared around the internet and in a couple books she proudly displays at home.